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Seeking non-traditional education that puts YOU at its center?

This collaborative approach to education turns learning on its head.

Have you struggled to find a good fit in traditional education settings? Do you seek an education model that uses the learner’s sense of purpose and interests as its starting point? …that is participatory, with the learners working collaboratively with hands-on faculty mentors? …that has faculty mentors who talk less and do more? …that can be completed online, on your schedule? … and that is affordable?

Are you an education-seeking person, a parent of homeschooled children, a coach or counselor, an entrepreneur, artist or community member wanting to know more about transformative learning?

Now is your time! If you seek a holistic learner-guided experience that puts you at its very center, then GIFTLearning is for you.

The Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning) and its Transformative Learning Foundation (the Foundation) offer a diverse learning options that range from a full Masters degree to a Practitioner certificate, and a number individual courses and certificates as well.

Mitra Martens

Mitra Martens

Mitra Martens, too, found “fit” a challenge at a more traditional learning environment. Here’s what she has to say about GIFTLearning:

What I find exciting is how deeply the pattern of emergent conversation infuses the whole culture of GIFTLearning. The school’s most long standing contributors live and breathe it, both modeling and facilitating the transformative one-on-one conversations that enable us all to tune into what wants to emerge through this institution — whether as board members, faculty, alumni, learners, administration, or advisory.

A culture in which leadership models deep, co-creative listening changes the game.

To learn more about the learner-centric approach used at GIFTLearning, read about Dr. Margaret Fulton, a Pioneer in Participatory Learning.

Is this your right fit? Contact GIFTLearning or use the form below, and we will meet with you to help you find the learning opportunity that is right for you.

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