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Integral Principle #1 – Human Essence is Positive and Optimum Relationship is Co-Inspirational

By Brent Cameron

Children are naturally joyful and happy as an indicator of their wellness and balance. Joy and happiness become directional as willful expressions of enthusiasm. Reciprocal and recursive relationships that return joy and enthusiasm bring forth a sense of ongoing integral fulfillment. Respect for the presence of joy in children and all individuals becomes a guiding principle for the intentional praxis of being in relationship with a child as a nurturing act.

Through this dynamic, we can ensure that there is a developing awareness that enthusiasm exists at the core of every individual as a quality of essential integrity.

After attending kindergarten for a couple weeks, my daughter told me that she did not want to go to school where her experience was that she could not do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. She was very frustrated and overwhelmed with the management of the class, when she just wanted to learn what she wanted to learn.

In truth, I was not willing for my daughter to endure one minute of boredom in her life. I had already seen behind the curtain, seen the illusion and limitations of the rational mind with its denial of the body and its emotions.

Postponing the reality of the emotionality of the moment for an illusion of the reality of the future can be an important skill to learn but not at the expense of the integrity of an individual.

Because I had returned to the joyous moment of the child and realized that it is a sacred event, something to be honored, cherished, respected and sustained, I stepped forth as a father and educator to both acknowledge and ensure the legitimacy of my daughter’s feelings.

Brent Cameron, the founder of SelfDesign®, completed a doctorate at the University of British Columbia in 2010, submitting a dissertation entitled “SelfDesign®: An Inquiry Into Authentic Learning And Co-Inspiration.”

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