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Awareness Through the Body (ATB) returns to North America

The following is a guest news release from ATB, an Integral Yoga practice. The Transformative Learning Foundation (the foundation supporting GIFTLearning) also offers ATB Certification.

Is your yoga practice getting stale? Are you connecting with your deep energy and that of the people and world around you? Does your mindfulness practice give space to explore the great seat of the mind—the body?

Awareness Through the Body (ATB) is an integral yoga practice for developing self-knowledge, concentration, and attention in children and adults.

Developed in the schools of Auroville South India over three decades, ATB blends traditional yoga with fun and challenging activities from dance, folk games, and diverse contemplative practices, to help students experience their own embodiment, and to cultivate the increased capacity for concentration and relaxation that naturally arises from linking body, mind, and spirit.

Nowadays, it is offered to adults as well as to children as a means of exploring the many layers of our being, how they interact with each other, and how to integrate and harmonize our inherent complexity around the inmost center of our being.

Read more about Awareness Through the Body at Awareness Through the Body.

Traditionally, students have had to travel to Auroville for an extended stay in order to learn or experience ATB, but this summer ATB leaders will be travelling to us, offering workshops in Austin (TX), St. Louis (MO), and Mount Tremper (NY) for the first time in several years. (See their American sessions online.)

Awareness Through the Body (ATB) is meant for teachers, therapists and people interested in personal growth and/or integral yoga. In this practice, introspection is balanced with dynamic and fun activities to facilitate the process toward self-awareness. Because this is the central aim of the practice, ATB leaders and workshops create a safe space away from daily life where all doing can stop, and where one can simply be, explore the awareness of being aware, and reconnect to a deeper and truer sense of Self.

Registration is open and spots are still available for Introductory sessions and two- or three-day workshops in July and August 2019. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience ATB with master facilitators, Amir Azoulay and Aran Yardeni, in North America this summer only! Register online at


Explorations in Awareness through the Body (ATB)

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